What is a Live Casino?

Jul 9, 2023 Gambling

live casino

A live casino is a real-time gambling experience that can be played through your computer or mobile phone. It combines all the benefits of an online casino with a real-life Las Vegas vibe and professional human dealers. It is a fascinating new development in the world of online gambling. With hologram technology and so much more being projected into the future, it is exciting to imagine what live casino games will look like in a decade or two.

When online casinos first launched they were distinctly primitive and rather limited in terms of their functionality but as they have grown into the multi-billion dollar global business that they are today operators have spared no expense in making sure that the gaming experience is as close to a bricks and mortar casino as possible. This is especially true for live casino online where games can be enjoyed in real time and you can interact with your dealer and fellow players just as if you were sitting in a casino.

One way that live casino online manages to achieve this is through a special studio monitor that allows you to chat with the dealer. You simply type your message into the text box which is displayed within the dealers line of vision and the dealer will then respond to you just as if they were in front of you on the casino floor. The live casino experience can be very social and this is something that many gamers love.

Another way that live casino online is able to deliver such an authentic experience is by using a special piece of hardware known as the GCU which is responsible for encoding the video that is broadcast. This is a small device that is no larger than a shoebox and without it a live game would not be possible.

In addition to this technology there are also the cameras that capture the action and the various sensors on the roulette wheel or card table. These work in the same way as a car park camera would and help to detect any cheating that may be taking place. Optical character recognition is also used to digitally recognize the map of the cards and this helps to prevent any form of fraud.

When it comes to security in a live casino online strict rules apply. These rules are in place to both protect the players and also to make sure that the casino is legitimate and regulated. For instance, all online casinos are required to have a license that has been issued by a gambling commission or other special authority and this is only granted after a certain number of checks and balances have been carried out. This guarantees that players will always be playing in a safe environment and also that the company in question is both financially sound and has enough cash reserves to honour winning bets. The regulating body will also ensure that all the dealers employed by the casino are fully trained and have undergone all necessary training to be able to provide an authentic experience.

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